In order for me to understand you and your disease process surrounding substance use, I need time to obtain a thorough history – directly from you – not from a questionnaire. Once we’ve discussed every aspect that needs to be explored, we will discuss your treatment options and formulate an individualized plan. We’ll discuss the pros, cons, alternatives, expected results and limitations until we’re both sure you understand your treatment. Medications that we agree upon will be directly transmitted to your pharmacy after I verify that the medication is in stock at that pharmacy. This entire visit can be expected to take 90-120 minutes.

Insurance companies prioritize costs over quality. Simply stated, personalized quality healthcare is not something they are willing to pay for. In order to be able to keep their doors open, providers that accept Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance payments are forced to cut down appointment times thus compromising the quality of care as well as the physician- patient relationship.

If you are transitioning care and continuing from a hospital or residential rehab and have all of your records with you, your appointment time is expected to take 30-45 minutes, and the cost is therefore less If you are transitioning care from another MAT provider and have been on a stable and consistent dose for 6 months or more, or if you have completed your treatment at The Differents Rehab, your initial appointment is expected to take under 30 minutes.

If your insurance is a PPO, we can provide you with a superbill/receipt detailing the services we provided and they will reimburse you what they would have paid us.